My Canine Dining Note

READING 5 ︎︎︎ Recipe #3: Chicken Breast Jerky

Chicken Jerky is a great source of protein for dogs. It contains 24g of protein per 100g with a calorie of 112 kcal per 100g. It contains amino acids and glucosamine which make a dog's bone stronger. Especially, omega-6 in amino acids makes the dog skin healthier with healthy fur. Since it is dried, it removes all the unnecessary products such as water.(Water absorbs the spaces where protein should be placed) Big dogs such as my dog are relatively much heavier than the normal sized dogs which cause them to get arthritis. Therefore, they need protein and amino acid, glucosamine to make their bones stable. My dog has a lot of furs, so he cares for his healthy fur and skin even though his fur doesn’t fall out often. Chicken can help the dogs to have healthy hair by providing omega-6 in amino acids.