My Canine Dining Note

READING 2 ︎︎︎ Ingredient Research

1. Paprika:
  • It is beneficial for dogs with diabetes. It contains a lot of water and vitamin C and A.
  • Since it contains a small amount of capsaicin, please wash or cook it in the boiled water for dogs’ safety.

2. Blueberry:
  • It is good for antioxidation since it contains vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Also, it is beneficial for brain and retina cells and aging.

3. Pea:
  • Bean products protect constipation since it is full of fiber.

4. Banana
  • Lots of potassium helps dog sodium excretion, and sweetness makes dogs love bananas. However, too much consumption leads to kidney problem

5. Apple
  • Function of cholesterol excretion. The apple peel helps dog antioxidation.
  • Apple seed is toxic(dangerous).

6. Zucchini
  • Should be cooked before eating lecithin helps brain protection for dementia.

7. Oyster mushroom
  • Lots of moisture content.
  • Lots of Vitamin C and potassium
  • Low calories helps a dog's diet.

8. Shiitake mushrooms
  • It protects cancer.
  • Can make healthy blood vessels

9. Zucchini
  • Should be cooked before eating lecithin helps brain protection for dementia.

10. Radish
  • Good for digestion because it has amylase.

11. Green Bean
  • Lots of fiber and protein content
  • Can be the alternative food for the dog feed

12. Burdock
  • Good for egestion

13. Cabbage
  • It is beneficial to dogs who have problems with digestion and thyroid.

14. Lotus Root
  • Tannin is beneficial for dogs.

15. Sweet Pumpkin
  • Beta carotene helps dogs’ eye problems and kills pathogens.

16. Broccoli
  • Beneficial for skin problem

17. Sweet Potato
  • Good for digestion since it contains a lot of fiber.

18. Drumstick Fish
  • It contains necessary amino acids. It helps dogs’ stamina. However, its salt needs to be removed.

19. Tofu
  • If your dog is allergic to meat, this is a great alternative protein source.

20. Salmon, Tuna, Anchovy
  • All three are good for immunity, hair care, and cell health.

21. Cow, Chicken, and duck
  • Main source of protein for dogs. They are good for bone strength and blood circulation. (Warning! some dogs are allergic to meats)

22. Flaxseed
  • It must taken in small amount

23. Parsley
  • Prevent aging and heart diseases.

24. Carob powder
  • It has a similar taste to chocolate containing tannin.

25. Coconut Powder
  • It lowers cholesterol level and increases immunity.

26. Basil
  • It has a function of sanitation and makes dogs calm down.

27. Red Bean
  • Red beans are good for constipation and waste removals. It removes swelling as well.

28. Egg
  • Beneficial for dogs who are healing, it is good for stamina and skin care. However, dogs are not able to digest egg white. Therefore, cook it or give them yolk only.

29. Kiwi
  • Great resource of Vitamin C, it increases dogs’ immunity and is used as a constipation remedy.

30. Pineapple
  • Pineapple is full of vitamins and minerals. However, it is highly acidic, so give them only a small amount.